• Setting up SSH to GitHub git clone into your Oracle Cloud Linux Ubuntu VM with VNC
    I’m trying to be as succinct as possible. I just accomplished this but couldn’t find anything that explicitly walked me through how to do it. Here are some assumptions: REMINDER: You are signed in to a Linux machine! The commands you will follow (in GitHub or here) WILL NEED TO BE FOR LINUX! What happened? … Read more
  • Random Access Memories: ORDS and JWTs
    EXTRA EXTRA! ORDS now supports JSON Web Tokens (JWTs). You can find most of the details in the OAuth PL/SQL Package Reference chapter of the ORDS Developer’s Guide. ORDS JWT OAUTH parameters You’ll notice two new procedures in that package: OAUTH.CREATE_JWT_PROFILE and OAUTH.DELETE_JWT_PROFILE. After getting acquainted with them, I wanted to highlight three parameters of … Read more
  • Python script to retrieve objects from Oracle Cloud Bucket
    For…reasons, I needed a way to retrieve all the .CSV files in a regional bucket in Oracle Cloud Object Storage, located at this address: You can visit it; we use it for one of our LiveLabs (this one), so I’m sure it will stay live for a while 😘. Once there, you’ll see all … Read more
  • Build an ORDS API Resource Module, GET request with JavaScript fetch, display in HTML
    Really trying to optimize SEO with that title 👆🏼! Recap 💡 All the code you’ll see in this post can be found in my moviestreamjs github repository.💡 This post is a continuation of a previous one, which can be found here. In this post, I’ll: If you are coming from the previous related post, then … Read more
  • Create a view from a JSON Collection and REST-enable it with ORDS
    The DBMS_CLOUD PL/SQL Package You can use this PL/SQL procedure (in the DBMS_CLOUD package) along with the file_uri_list URL (seen in the code below) to create and then add JSON documents to a JSON Collection (good info on JSON Collections in the Oracle database). In this example, we call this collection Movie_Collection. 👆🏻 This is … Read more